Csendes Létterem Café & Bar

Vintage Café & Bar in the center of Budapest
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“After a long day packed with business meetings in Budapest this is the perfect place to let go of all your work sorrows and start the night in a good mood. Or like me, start the day there to wake up.”

Csendes is a vintage Bar & Café in the center of Budapest. What makes this place stand out from all the other ones is the relaxt, rock atmosphere which they start with early morning. Everywhere you look, you find interesting compositions of creativeness. It feels as if I am going back to my childhood, where drawing on the wall was still acceptable.

I was there from 10am in the morning. They serve vegetarian meals and have good WiFi, so it could also be a perfect place for digital nomads or for having a meeting (although the music can be loud sometimes).

Csendes Létterem feels raw and drew me into that feeling. The food, the surroundings, the decoration, the music and the people working there are raw. It does not have to look or feel perfect as long as it makes you feel good.

Don’t forget to leave a message on the wall when you leave. Or if you don’t feel like drawing, you can entertain yourself for hours reading other peoples messages.

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