Mozaik Teaház és Kávézó

One of the best places for coffee in Budapest
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“Perfect relaxing music, nice staff and great stuff on the wall at Mozaik in Budapest.”

Mozaik Teaház és Kávézó is a small coffee and tea shop near the bubbly centre of Budapest. Order a latte or an Irish coffee and nestle yourself in one of the pillows on the floor. The atmosphere is more than great: perfect relaxing music, nice staff and great stuff on the wall.

We really enjoyed the speciality coffees a.k.a. coffee with a little bit of alcohol in it. Hungary (and even a big city like Budapest) is way cheaper than The Netherlands which makes it more attractive to order something fancy now and then. And it’s much warmer outside with alcohol in your blood when you’re visiting during winter time!

And also… make sure to write something on the wall with chalk before you leave.

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