Eldhestar Horse Riding Tours

Ride a horse through Icelandic mountains and lava fields
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“The mountains bathe in warm, beautiful sunlight as we leave the farm. In November the days are getting shorter and shorter in Iceland, but in this case it is just perfect. As the sun slowly sets the view gets more and more breathtaking. Right now I feel absolute happiness.”

When I was a child I really loved horses, but most of all Icelandic horses. I can’t explain why exactly, but they fascinated me. So when I finally went to Iceland, one of the first things that came to my mind was horse riding!

Even if you’re not that into horses, I truly believe horse riding in Iceland is an amazing and unique experience. You will see some of the country’s spectacular views, the mountains, waterfalls, lava fields: it’s all there. These tours are going all year through. In summer you’ll be enjoying the warmer weather, in autumn you’ll get the beautiful sunsets as you wear your gigantic weatherproof onesie. It’s all taken care of, no need to pack anything extra for this trip! No need to have any experience either, there are all kinds of tours. From an one hour trip for beginners to a 10-day trip for experienced riders: they have it all!

Excited yet? You can book a tour online or at the tourist information centre at Reykjavik. The two most popular farms are Eldhestar and Ishestar. Oh and in case you don’t ride a horse every now and then: be prepared for a sore bum! It’s so worth it though, trust me.

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