MadNes Festival 2020

Sustainable surf-, skate- and music festival on a Dutch island
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“When you leave your tent in the morning, you know it’s going to be a good day! Trying new things at the sport clinics, dancing to good music and enjoying lots of smiles and good vibes. Partying till the sun comes up and then go for an early morning surf the day after, that’s what MadNes festival is all about!”

MadNes is a sustainable surf-, skate- and music festival on the island of Ameland. In 2020, the festival will celebrate its 13th birthday on July 3-4-5. If you’re a sports lover, MadNes has plenty of clinics to offer: from wave surfing and power kiting to blow karting and kayaking. Next to practicing sports by yourself, you can see the real professionals at work while doing demo’s. 

When you’re coming to MadNes for the music, you won’t be disappointed either. With a cold beer in your hands and bare feet in the sand you can dance to great music by various international bands and artists! 

Are you more the creative type? How about learning to do graffiti or making your own bags and bag buttons? During the day one of the area’s is a complete DIY heaven. Here you can saw your own clothes, buy second hand clothes and items, beat your friends with boardgames and create some cool stuff to take home as your personal MadNes souvenir. When all the sport, music and partying on the beach gets a bit too much and you need to find some inner peace there is an option to practice some yoga, follow a guided meditation or to get a massage. MadNes got you covered.

All of this takes place on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands. Enjoy the sound of the waves during a morning walk along the ocean, grab a coffee and relax in the dunes while breathing in some fresh sea air. MadNes has it all. 

Food, accommodation and clinics are all included in the ticket price. Don’t wait too long with getting your ticket because the festival will be sold out in no time! More information about the festival can be found on the website.

Photo credits photo 1-5: Mitch Nieuwenhuizen, photo 6-15: Bartolomedia

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