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Stay at a econeutral Natuurloft® in Limburg, The Netherlands
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“After a few restless weeks, waking up at Landgoed Moerslag with the sound of complete silence is exactly what we needed. I think never before in my life have I woken up somewhere with such a sereen view directly from my bed. The morning fog is covering the Dutch landscape like a blanket. I love the slow pace of our entire stay and it feels like we’re in total sync with the nature surrounding our loft.”

The Naturelofts of Landgoed Moerslag are a unique concept. So unique, they even made a registered brand name of it. In Dutch they call it: “Natuurloft®”. There are five different Naturelofts on the estate and every one of them has their own theme. The theme of our loft – and weekend – was Tranquility (or Rust in Dutch).

The lofts of Landgoed Moerslag are eco neutral, which means that solar panels, heat pump boilers and heat pumps provide hot water and regulate the temperature. This ensures that you can stay at an Natuurloft® any time of the year – no matter the season and weather! The interior of the loft is finished with the Japanese philisophy of Wabi Sabi in mind: asymmetric patterns and shapes, minimalistic decor and natural structures. Natural aging processes are honored by using beautiful aging materials. The lofts have been designed with a lot of love and attention, which you can feel in every detail. The lofts are tailor-made to fit the landscape, they are embedded within the hill. In line with the theme Tranquility was the hot tub. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to heat the water. The proces of making your own fire and keeping it lit is a real calming and mindful activity. When the water is warm enough to get in, you can relax and enjoy the view for hours.

Landgoed Moerslag is located in Moerslag on the edge of the Savelsbos, in the south of The Netherlands. The area offers a lot of variety. Around the estate you’ll find a lot of tall fruit trees which are typical for this region. The hilly landscape is perfect for walks and bike rides. If you want to explore the area by car you have lots of options: the estate is only 20 min from Liège and also near Maastricht and Aken.

When Maurice and Judith (the owners of Landgoed Moerslag) bought this piece of land 11 years ago, it was a small scale camping. Their initial plan was to close down the campsite and use the land as an expansion of their current business. When people kept coming back to the campsite they decided to change their plans and respond to the wishes of the guests. Maurice: “If we continue this campsite, it needs to be done our way, with passion and love.” Their hard work resulted in the place Landgoed Moerslag is today. Maurice and Judith want their guests to experience this unique place as they’ve experienced it from the day they live there. The estate is an essential part of who they are.

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