Fundog Husky Sleigh Rides

Traditional husky sleighing in Poland
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“The huskies of Fundog Husky Sleigh Rides start barking happily as soon as they see the sleigh. They start running and I feel the wind through my hair, while the snow white landscape around me is moving faster and faster…I love this. And the dogs love it too.”

Going on a husky sleigh ride during winter in Poland is amazing. Malgorzata runs the company with her (super cool) father and she grew up in the mountains, surrounded by their huskies. I’m jealous! Poland is beautiful, not many people know about the area of Zakopane in the south. Mountains are reaching sky high and during winter it all seems like one big beautiful fairy tale.

You can choose different sleigh rides, from 2 km long (which takes about 15 minutes) to 5 km long (takes about one hour). They use the old, traditional sleighs and it’s so lovely to see how happy it makes the dogs to just run and conquer the snow. They don’t like summer and they don’t like to do nothing. These dogs are bred to run through the snow.

During your time at Fundog you will meet the dogs, learn how put on the harness, listen to some interesting information about dog sleighing.

They start the shorter program in Witów, between the Kościeliska and Chochołowska Valley at the Biały Potok Glade (about 10 km from Zakopane) and the longer 5 km ride starts in Czarny Dunajec, near the traditional restaurant Gościniec Podhalański (about 25 km from Zakopane).

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