Aethernativ Café

Berlin vibes in Timișoara, Romania
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“The entrance is hidden beneath two red doors – there is no name or sign of the place. We walk through the doors and find ourselves in a little courtyard with graffiti, a terrace and some racing bikes. It looks like it belongs in Berlin instead of romantic, traditional Timișoara in Romania.”

You might never have heard of Timișoara, I sure hadn’t before I booked that ticket. It’s the 3rd largest city in Romania and known for it’s picturesque, colourful Baroque buildings and many parks. However it is also a city full with students and thus not as old fashioned as you might think. Aethernativ Café sure is the proof of that!

Mostly known for its very good coffee and many exotic craft beers this is not a place to miss when you’re in Timișoara. It has, just as the name suggests, an alternative, funky vibe. The café is small but when the weather allows it you can also hang out at the terrace in the courtyard. At times there are concerts or movie nights at the café – it’s an important place in Timișoara’s cultural scene.

If you want to head out to a bigger bar later at night look no further – on the 1st floor is Cuibe D’Arte, a pretty cool and relaxed place. It looks just like someone’s apartment, but with art installations, comfy seats, a great vibe and of course more beer.

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Strada Mărășești 14
Timișoara TM RO
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