Alhambra de Granada

Old palace and fort surrounded by beautiful gardens in Spain
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“I can just sit here on the floor for hours and simply look around, following the elegant lines that will dance on every wall I see. It’s too much to catch in pictures.”

You will find this incredible former palace and fort in Granada, located in the South of Spain. Alhambra de Granada used to be the fort of a Moorish ruler, that is why there are lots of Arabic elements. I truly love those elements, they give me so much interior inspiration. From the outside, the place isn’t that special but inside you will find all the secrets and treasures it offers. It’s almost art – the combinations of those beautiful mandalas, the walls and floors, gardens and Arabic words take my breath away. You can even visit the place where the harem of the Sultan lived and the old house of the Sultan surrounded with beautiful gardens, just outside the fort. Walking around here is amazing.

I do have to admit it’s a really touristic place, so it’s the best to make a reservation an book your tickets in advance before you visit. It’s touristic, but very peaceful as well with lots of inspiration that comes from old history.

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Calle Real de la Alhambra
Granada 18009 AL ES
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