Picturesque mountain village in Mallorca
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“The bus drives deeper and deeper into the mountains of Mallorca, the views are stunning! I can feel my ears popping as I watch the mountains. Then all of a sudden the village of Valldemossa pops up. Just from inside the bus it already looks like a postcard.”

When in Mallorca you really have to visit Valldemossa. It might be a bit too touristy for your taste, but it’s easy to skip the crowds and just wander around the picturesque village. Valldemossa is known for several things besides being utterly charming and one of them is being a favourite place of Chopin. As you walk around the village you can easily see why that is. A place like this must have been inspiring!

There is a Chopin museum but the real attraction is the village itself. The charming cobbled streets, all the beautiful succulents and cacti, the Bougainvillea trees, the quiet peaceful places, the amazing views: it looks like time stood still here. It might be a big tourist destination but it’s easy to lose yourself in one of those charming streets and not see a single soul (except maybe a cat or two).

Valldemossa is easily reached by a local bus from Soller or Palma de Mallorca. From Palma de Mallorca it will take about 30 minutes if you take bus 210, which makes it a perfect day trip.

Tip: best way to enjoy Valldemossa is in low season, otherwise go really early to avoid the heat and tourists. 

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