Jardí del Túria

Feeling green in Valencia
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“Mixing two worlds and see how life is passing by as you are relaxing in Jardí del Túria, a beautiful park in Valencia.”

A moment of relaxation is something that you desperately need in this crazy world, instead of running and being busy all the time. Jardí del Túria is a perfect place to mix these both states. For me, this is a place to calm down and cycle around in busy Valencia.

I could not help having the feeling that I was completely zen. It was truly a great feeling, driving my bike with my best friend, chatting and laughing, enjoying this green environment because it was picture perfect.

The park has several bridges you can pass on your bike, entering different worlds. It is nice to sit down and watch how people are daydreaming or children playing at the huge playground which is in the middle of the park. I wonder if it is okay for me to slide down one of the large slides… They are actually very cool and not only made for the little ones. Go crazy! The park has a lot to offer. A little bit further you will see the more modern architectural highlights of Valencia like the L’Hemisferic, which is the ultimate symbol of the city.

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