Mercado de Tapineria Valencia

A collective of wonders and creative spirits in Valencia
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“Mercado de Tapineria is a place of wonders and creative spirits in Valencia.”

Mercado de Tapineria is a collective in Valencia where creative people find each other. In between the vintage shops, curiosities and nice terraces you can find everything you need. I have found Trixie and her world of vintage (Trixies Vintage Emporium). You just háve to enter this little shop full of vintage gadgets. There is so much to see and this English lady is so sweet that you want to spend the afternoon with her. She can tell the story behind each dress, which is so nice to hear.

Another nice spot is the terrace of la Bernarda. From this spot you can perfectly see everything that is happening on this little square. If you are planning to sit down, order an ‘aqua de Valencia’. It is a refreshing drink with cava and orange juice. I decided to discover this area and found many other nice vintage shops and places to sit down. You can easily spend a couple of hours here!

Tip: Spot the nice street art and church at the bigger square.

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