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Canoe adventure into the Scandinavian wild
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“Less comfort, more life. Do you ever dream about an Scandinavian into the wild canoe trip? I did, and then I found K-JAK. I immediately booked a trip myself and I can not wait… Because at the end of the day, you go your own way.”

Does jumping into a canoe with some food, a tent and a sleeping bag sounds like a dream adventure to you? Go check out K-JAK, they organize perfectly arranged yet complete freedom trips into the wild in Sweden and Norway!

K-JAK is a small-scale travel company and that is what we love most. They consist of a small group of outdoor enthusiasts and have a lot of personal attention for their adventurers. K-JAK was founded by Bas Heres and Jos van Pareren, two friends with a passion for adventure travel. When they discovered the Swedish nature reserves by canoe in 2010, they were sold and convinced that this unique experience had to be shared with others. Scandinavia has huge areas of unspoiled nature and you can camp wild almost anywhere. For example, you can discover an island yourself while canoeing, set up your tent there and then build a campfire under the stars.

You independently take a route based on their detailed maps and go canoeing and camping in the unspoiled nature of Sweden or Norway for a whole week. These active holidays are for people looking for challenge and adventure, both for beginners and seasoned adventurers.

After countless explorations, they as canoe junkies dare to say with conviction that they offer the most beautiful canoe routes in Scandinavia! It is the routes that they themselves have been canoeing for years and to which we have lost our hearts. During the canoe trip you are able to pick a new location every day to spend the evening and night, build your campfire and prepare your supper. The beauty of traveling by canoe is that you can camp in places that are otherwise unreachable. What about your own private island? It is all possible in Scandinavia, as wild camping is still allowed!

K-JAK has three routes available for you at the moment:

Canoe trip Blöm-Fox
On the border of Sweden and Norway lies one of the most beautiful stretches of unspoiled nature of Scandinavia. The Blöm-Fox is a beautiful route through this border area. Characteristic are the high cliffs, vast forests and clear lakes. After an extensive canoe instruction and briefing on the first day, you are well prepared to paddle 90km through the Scandinavian wilderness, without a guide. Get up every day with a refreshing dip in the crystal clear lakes, stay on the most beautiful islands and make a campfire under the stars. Blöm-Fox is the most suitable of their destinations for beginners and travelers who want to take it a little slower.

Canoe trip Sweden | Gla Forest tour
The Gla Forest tour is a beautiful tour through the Glaskogen nature reserve. In total you paddle over 8 different lakes, each with its own unique character. The huge nature reserve is located between the towns of Sulvik and Stömne. In a circular route you paddle a total of 115 km, from large open lakes to narrow puddles through the forests, you enter a new setting again and again. During the canoe trip you camp in the middle of nature and you always stay in the most exceptional locations, such as the islets in Lake Stora Gla. The canoe trip is suitable for beginners with a basic condition who love a challenge.

Canoe trip Norway | Ister-Solen
Canoeing, hiking and camping in the untouched wilderness. The raw surroundings of Norway lend themselves perfectly to this and are one of the few places where this is still possible. During this canoe trip you will always stay in the most exceptional places in the middle of nature, build a campfire every evening and explore the beautiful surroundings by canoe. This nature reserve is the habitat of thousands of reindeer and the lakes and rivers here are full of fish species such as trout, perch and pike. This canoe trip is suitable for both beginners and experienced travelers who love a challenge.

A canoe holiday requires good preparation. Book a flight or bus trip package with them (or choose to drive yourself) and prior to the trip you will receive a packing list and detailed advice, and on location they will take extensive time to inform you the ins and outs of canoeing, navigation and safety! They will provide the canoe and canoe equipment. The first and last evening you will stay at their base camp. Their base camp for the Gla Forest and Blöm-Fox tours is located in the heart of the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. From here you can take beautiful walking tours with breathtaking views. The base camp in Norway is also located in the middle of the wilderness: you can regularly spot many reindeer here!

I will join the K-JAK Blöm-Fox Canoe trip in Sweden myself this september and I literally can not wait to dive into the wild and experience this adventure myself. Go go go, they have some spots left!

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