Gurten Hill

Beautiful mountain views in the capital of Switzerland
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“As I came closer to the top of Gurten Hill, I can’t help but think that the view is something out of a Sound Of Music scene. Definitely cliché but therefore not less impressive.”

With the beautiful old town and snowcapped mountains as a backdrop, Bern is quite a picturesque city on its own. It’s just wonderful enough to wander around the charming old town, but it being my first time in Switzerland I just had to see a bit of the mountains. A day-trip to Interlaken came to my mind, but eventually I decided to go check out Bern’s local mountain Gurten.

Gurten is situated just south of Bern, about 858 meters high and easily reached by foot or funicular. From the top you’ll have great views over the city Bern, the alps and the Jura mountains. The hike is easy and about 4km to the top. Of course this will take a bit longer than your regular walk, but the views are just so worth it! If you’re really into hiking there also several longer routes. At the top there’s also a viewing tower to get an even better look at the mountains. You’ll also find a restaurant there, so you don’t have to worry about food or drinks.

To get there, take tram 9 towards Wabern, get out at the Gurtenbahn stop. From here you can either walk up the hill or take the funicular to the top. I opted for the hike which was definitely easy and offered great views!

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