Bar Botanique

Tropical jungle café & restaurant in Amsterdam
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“With the green interior and the many, many tropical plants Bar Botanique in Amsterdam sure feels like a jungle. There are pink walls, big Monstera plants, pink coffee cups and green marble tables: this place looks like an Instagram dream!”

There are so many amazing places in Amsterdam to have a coffee, why choose Bar Botanique? To me it feels like something a bit more special. Maybe it’s all the beautiful plants, or the beautiful interior that feels (and probably is) vintage. This place looks like there was a lot of thought put into the interior, but also none at all. It’s definitely classy and hip, but just enough to stay cosy and welcoming. That way it doesn’t feel too ‘hipster’ but more genuine!

The coffee is great, but if you’re up for some food there’s plenty to choose from their very diverse menu. From healthy vegan superfood salads to simple steak with fries: they really have it all. Just in the mood for a drink? With a Frozen Mango cocktail you imagine yourself on a real tropical island instead of Amsterdam. You’re already in the jungle!


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