Books and coffee in Arnhem, the Netherlands
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“Every time I bike past WALTER, which is pretty much every day, I’m reminded I don’t go there often enough. Every time I do step into Walter, I feel so thankful a place like this exists. WALTER is a place for books, coffee and conversation.”

Graphic designer Corine and bookworm Krista always had the romantic idea of one day owning their own bookshop. That dream became reality in the form of WALTER, a bookshop named after one of their favorite thinkers and writers of all time.

Most books WALTER sells came out in the last five years, mostly literature that influences todays society. Books that make you think twice about the reality you take for granted, books that show a new perspective, books that open a discussion. As Krista says: “Not only do I want to sell books to immerse and lose yourself in, I think it’s just as important to read books focusing on the issues facing our society.”

Krista values books by their message and writing style, Corine does judge a book by its cover. Their interest in books with both social/cultural relevance and design/typography are beautifully displayed and represented on their shelves.

WALTER is the perfect spot to browse for new reads, relax and of course: sit back and take time to dip into a new find. Next to good coffee and good books they also offers lectures, book presentations, informative meetings and a very cute dog that loves to be petted.

Krista’s top recommendations:

  1. Hope in the dark – Rebecca Solnit
  2. Home going – Yaa Gyasi
  3. What belongs to you – Garth Greenwell
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