Vegan, raw, organic coffeehouse in the center of Arnhem
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“Their quote of Hipocrates – Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – is exactly what the food and drink I ordered made me feel. It tastes pure and unspoiled at Rawsome in Arnhem.”

In the center of Arnhem you can find this vegan, raw and organic cafe called Rawsome. Rawfood is natural, unprocessed food that is not heated over 42 degrees. This keeps all the nutrients in the food giving it an amazing flavour. And that is exactly what it did.

All cakes and pies taste natural and not as sweet as you might expect when seeing them on the counter. It almost made me eat too many of them. Unfortunately they are not without calories, but absolutely more healthy than other alternatives.

Don’t miss the walnut-banana bread with sweet dip when you are there!

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Brouwersplein 7
Arnhem 6811 BL GE NL
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