A tiny getaway island in the Dutch Veluwemeer
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“Leave your everyday life behind for a little retreat on a tiny Dutch island full of wonder.”

So I must admit I actually promised myself not to tell too many people about this great getaway island in The Netherlands as in no time it will be overcrowded. Nonetheless I decided to share this delightful place with you, boho-lovers, but only if you promise me to enjoy this place to the fullest once you ever go there.

Actually, going to the island is not that easy. First of all there is limited availability, secondly because you can’t come and go whenever you want. Only three times a day the owner of this island, Janneke, shuttles between the shore and ‘de Kluut’ as she named the island.

That fact however ensures a very quiet and peaceful stay. There literally is nothing else than you, the water, nature and fresh air. There is firewood (which you have to chop yourself with a huge axe… hilarious) to create a most amazing campfire overlooking the water. Sticky marshmallows and a full-bodied red wine made my day and night.

Several completely equipped, authentic Nomad tents are scattered around the island. Where do you want to sleep, an Indian tipi, a Swedish tipi, a Mongolian yurt or a Sahara tent? Most of them come with a wooden stove for cold nights, great interior and basically everything you need. Moreover there is a a large tipi (the tipi-lounge) to gather when the weather is bad or to sings songs around a bonfire at night.

We had the honor of spending the night at the island during one of the first sunny weekends of the year. The water was still very chilly which I experienced first hand when supping around the island on one of the surfboards that are available.

Next to that you’ll find two canoes and a mini shop of only two shelves with some basic ingredients to prepare a simple meal, like rice or pasta. I would recommend the biological wine. Fresh bread is to be delivered to your tent upon request or a full blown breakfast tray with a sorts of delicacies (recommendable for a sunday morning in bed).

Last but not least are the colourful hammocks in which you can doze off and dream about soulful adventures yet to come!

Judith Buitenhuis
Boho Wanderer - The Boho Guide
Judith is enamored with the idea of slowly seeing the world in its entirety for as long as she can remember. She’s a little obsessed with photography, snowboarding and reading guidebooks to countries she has no immediate plans to visit. After years of wandering without a clear path or purpose, she has discovered her sweetest way of living - and she wants to help others do the same.
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