Co-living with Heart Based Business Women

Living and working together with a group of female entrepreneurs
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“We strive to share the most beautiful and special places to go to when you want to explore a city nearby or a country far away. From boho glam to boho minimalistic, we have gems in all categories. Today I want to share something different with you, a special little something for all our strong boho entrepreneurs.”

The dearest Anne Neijnens, who lives in the same city as I do, asked me to join her co-living. A co-living is a small community that lives and works together for a period of time. Every co-living is different, it can last a few days or even several months. A thing that defines co-livings, is that all the participants have something in common: they share a lifestyle, a vision or a particular interest. This co-living was focused on female entrepreneurs. I’m not sure if I can find the right words to tell you about how magical this co-living was, but I’ll try my best.

We escaped the city chaos and gathered in a group home in the middle of the countryside of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. The house was very spacious and beautiful. There was a big yard with a hot tub and a sauna and we all had our own room with a (very awesome!) cupboard bed. When I arrived and met the other women I would spend the week with, I immediately got the feeling this was going to be a very special week. And oh boy, special it was.

Although each day was different during this co-living, they all started the same: quiet and calm with a group meditation. By starting the day together and with a positive mindset, we build a strong foundation for the rest of the day. After meditating everyone started their own morning rituals.

In the afternoon it was time to focus on our businesses. We did several mastermind sessions in which, most of the cases, someone presents a problem related to their business to the rest of the group and you try to find a solution all together. The mastermind sessions where very inspiring, because it not only gives you different views on your own problems, but it also gives you great insights on other issues which might occur in the future.

I really loved the fact that everything was optional to join. If you didn’t feel like it for whatever reason, it was totally okay to go your own way. Besides, inspiration strikes at the strangers times and for me it was perfect that, whatever the time of day, I could take a moment for myself to write all my thoughts down.

We ended every day by cooking a meal together and eating it at the big livingroom table. After dinner there was time to relax in the hot tub or the sauna. The conversations in the hot tub were my favourite way to end the day. It was a moment to reflect on everything that happened that day and to take a moment to be thankful. Also, there was lots and lots of laughter during our hot tub sessions.

What I liked most about this co-living, was that each individual was accepted just the way they are. Everybody could just be themselves without any judgement. I think it’s magical when a group of women, all with different visions and missions in life, can put their differences aside and empower each other.

This week was all about connecting with other entrepreneurs. It was about sharing stories, learning and growing. It was about connecting with each other and connecting with yourself. It was about taking the time to reflect on life in general and on the choices you make as an entrepreneur.

Joining this co-living definitely brought me some clarity about my goals in life and my goals in my career. I’m very thankful I got to be part of this beautiful group of strong and inspiring women.

If you’re struggling with your business, feel out of place at your current job or want some clarity about your future career path, this co-living is where you should be. At the moment it takes place about four times a year in different locations in the Netherlands. To stay updated about new co-livings organised by Anne, join her Facebook community “Heart Based Business Women”.

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