Down The Rabbit Hole Festival

3-day festival in the Netherlands that breathes bohemian adventures
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“I hear my favourite band play in the distance and I start walking towards the stage. I pass a forest movie theater and a small stage where Joep Beving is playing the piano in such a beautiful way it almost makes my cry. I see my friends and there we go; we dance, we laugh, we love. Down The Rabbit Hole is one of the most lovable festivals of The Netherlands: a place where you are who you are when no one can see you.”

Down The Rabbit Hole is a 3-day festival in the Netherlands that says adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture. It’s my favourite festival within The Netherlands (and we’ve got lots!) and I try to go each year!

We have all the time in the world, there’s no rush. Take your time to dine in dozens of restaurants from all corners of the earth, go meditate in the forest, lie down in the green pasture, swim for a bit, strum by the campfire, discover hidden discos… Have a ball with brand-new bands or finally see that classic artist in full swing. Here, you can build your own party and celebrate, enjoy what you do, all with an open mind and in a sustainable way: they try to keep it green & clean and that is something I love about this festival.

Down The Rabbit Hole takes place at De Groene Heuvels (The Green Hills) park in Ewijk, hidden in the rolling land between the Maas and Waal rivers. This means the fields, forest and the lake are packed with stages, theaters, food trucks, movie theaters, music tents and much more.

Down The Rabbit Hole has two camping sites so you can bring your own tent gear! The sites are both provided with hot showers, free drinking water taps and flushing toilets. We don’t use portable toilets at Down The Rabbit Hole. The showers, water taps and toilets are accessible 24 hours a day. Access to the camping site is included in every Down The Rabbit Hole ticket: you don’t have to buy an additional ticket.

In 2018, the festival takes place from June 29 – July 1 and the line-up seems to be amazing again, so definitely go and get a ticket because a trip to Down The Rabbit Hole is a perfect summer getaway!

Pssst: you’re welcome to bring your own RV, trailer or tent trailer like we did, but please note that you’ll have to buy an additional Camper Camping ticket! You can also rent luxurious accommodations like pre-pitched tents, tipi’s and flexotels via

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Groene Heuvels
Ewijk 6644 GE NL
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2018 / June 29 - July 1