Mañana Mañana Festival

Fairytale-like festival in the Netherlands
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“Ever since the first edition of this gem of a festival in 2013 I have been a huge fan of the concept! The Mañana Mañana Festival in The Netherlands is a must go for us bohemians.”

The festival has everything you need from a good festival – good crowds, delicious food, fun activities and great music. It takes place on a secret spot somewhere on a country estate in the Achterhoek, the eastern part of the Netherlands. 

The Mañana Mañana Festival is known for its mellow atmosphere amongst visitors and for everybody seriously letting loose. Festivalgoers are camping and chilling out, spreading a unique vibe over the place. Jamming, dancing, drinking, bonfires and going on until the wee hours on the hush-hush after party…

Judith Buitenhuis
Boho Wanderer - The Boho Guide
Judith is enamored with the idea of slowly seeing the world in its entirety for as long as she can remember. She’s a little obsessed with photography, snowboarding and reading guidebooks to countries she has no immediate plans to visit. After years of wandering without a clear path or purpose, she has discovered her sweetest way of living - and she wants to help others do the same.
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