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The best latte in Utrecht
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“Coffee at 30ml | Coffee Roasters in Utrecht. Perfect. Another big plus is that the music is always good.”

When you’re wandering through the city center of Utrecht and you’re trying to find a nice place for a good cup of coffee then you should definitely go to 30ml | Coffee Roasters at the Mariastraat. This cute little coffee shop is a hidden gem next to the big shopping street. The only thing that misses in the industrial but cozy interior is a plant or two… or three. Maybe ten.

My specialty at 30ml is the latte: it’s the best latte in town. The milk tastes so creamy and the extra coffee shot is everything you’ll need to get some (extra) energy to explore the city. Another big plus is that the music is always good. From Angus and Julia Stone to Sufjan Stevens. Only love for the baristas over here!

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Mariastraat 35
Utrecht 3511 LN UT NL
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