Mother Goose Hotel

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“How I love to stay at Mother Goose in Utrecht… Old stories, romance and beautiful architecture are things that excite my senses. I want to know the stories and want to have a peek into days that are bygone.”

The romantic feeling of history appeals to me and in Utrecht there are places were you can find this. But you have to look carefully. It is a hide and seek game, which is one of the things I love about Utrecht.

Mother Goose is one of those hotels you just want to spend the night. And it does not matter if your own home is only 500 meters away (mine is). All of the rooms are unique and inside the hotel most things are slanting. The stairs for example, because they are so authentic and this is why I love to stay here.

Mother Goose works with different colors on the 4 levels of the hotel. All color themes are earthly with a suitable amount of luxury. Sometimes a bohemian girl needs a bit of luxury! Some rooms have a bath with a view at the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Imagine you are here, relaxed after a whole day of searching for the hidden boho gems. You just found a pearl!


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Ganzenmarkt 24-26
Utrecht 3512 GE UT NL
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