The Streetfood Club

Restaurant & Instagram heaven in Utrecht
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“The Streetfood Club in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is so incredibly gorgeous that I am 100% sure they designed this so people would come here to get some pictures for Instagram. Situated in a beautiful old statuesque building, with a beautiful interior covered in pink, velvet green couches and lots of plants, this restaurant is a dream. A dream!”

The Streetfood Club is so gorgeous that it’s been all over the internet. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to go here. It felt a bit like a overhyped trap, where it looks really good but the food and service might just be very crappy or expensive. But I was delighted to find out that wasn’t the case! The menu is diverse, with a good mix of healthy and sweet. They serve all day brunch, cocktails, freak milkshakes, kimchi pancakes, avocado toast – they have it all. The restaurant is really big, so there’s a good chance you’ll find a table. Of course we might just have been lucky, but there’s an indicator on the website so you can always check your chances beforehand.

Just had brunch already? Just go in for a cup of coffee or a little peek – trust me, the interior alone is worth it! (Ah, I just fell into the trap!)

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Janskerkhof 9
Utrecht 3512 BK UT NL
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