Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe by horse

Explore the most beautiful National Park of the Netherlands by horse
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“Sun, wildlife, nature, just me and my horse. Feeling the wind in my hair when galloping across the plains, accompanied by a group of mouflons”. 

Within the busy Netherlands, Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe is the perfect place to go back to nature. You can wander around the park for hours. Many times I explored the large sand deserts, the forests and the swamp. I encountered so much wildlife I am not even counting anymore.

A better way to explore the park is by horse. I feel complete freedom when I explore the park from the back of my horse. Every time I go, I find new places I never been before such as small ponds, a hilly trail through the bushes or the hideout of an animal. Wildlife is not scared of you when you are on a horse, which makes your chances bigger of an encounter with a large deer or wild pigs. It is possible to book a full day horse tour in the area.

When you visit the park, make a stop at Deelens Zand. This place makes you feel as if you are in a desert. For me it is hypnotizing. The yellow sand, the wind, the peace and quietness of nature. It is an inspirational place where you can sit for hours contemplating life.

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