Vrijhaven Zwier | Eilandhut on a private island

Cute tiny cabin on a private island
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“We navigate our boat (which is ours for the rest of the stay!) towards our private island in the middle of a lake. In the distance we see a lovely little cabin and a hammock, all surrounded by water: this must be it!”

Have you ever stayed on a private island? We love staying in the Buitenhut of Vrijhaven Zwier, located on a tiny private island in the middle of the Vinkeveense Plassen in the Netherlands!

We actually stayed at Vrijhaven Zwier before, in their lovely bell tents. We fell in love with the place and discovered they have a private island too: let’s go!

Their goal is for you to go home all zen and charged. That’s why they have created amazing places to stay. At Zwier you can do whatever you want: go for a swim in the water or take one of their boats or SUP boards, or just relax the grass and take a book from their library. At Zwier, choose what suits you at that moment!

They have created a tiny cabin at a private island They know that people sleep best at the sound of rippling water: it makes you feel most relaxed. That’s why they’d like to share their Island Hut with you! Staying there was amazing. It’s a spot in the middle of the Vinkeveense Plassen with enough facilities to recharge your battery, a place where relaxing goes by itself.

There is an comfortable box spring bed, a simple kitchen with everything you need, a toilet, an inside fireplace, table and two chairs; outside you will find a lovely garden with a terrace with seats and a table, a hammock and a fire stove. There is a toilet but no shower so just dive into the lake each morning: it’s so refreshing! You will get a boat which you may use for the rest of your stay. It’s perfect!

It was raining during our stay but that was just fine: we could cocoon together in this cute cabin and we loved being surrounded by water. No people, no sound, perfect.

And are you in need of some you-time? You can opt for their 24-hours without concept. They will bring you to the island for 24 or 48 hours. Solo or with the two of you. No phone, no wifi, no tablet, no clock. Just you and the surroundings. Write. Think. Read. Swim. Peer in the fire. Sleep in the hammock. Do nothing. Whatever you need. They believe that taking space and peace from time to time contributes to a finer life and a better world. That’s why you can be offline for 24 hours (or 48 hours!) at their island hut. With less distraction, something new emerges! Sounds good, right?

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