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“Discover the exclusive range of handmade bohemian jewelry, leather bags and worldly products with a story at this online shop.”

Boho Babe isn’t a physic shop -yet- but is a webshop worth sharing!

Do you love the bohemian style and are you looking for jewelry or accessoiries that complete your bohemian look? And do you love to order pretty stuff online and get them delivered at your doorstep?

Don’t look any further: check out Boho Babe! They personally travel around the world to collect bohemian treasures for you. They will only collect what gives them a spark of joy and in this way, a unique and ever-changing boho collection is created! Additionaly, Boho Babe adds some bohemian brands that radiate the same vibe within their collection.

Bohemian jewelry, accessoiries & bags
The bohemian style exudes a lot of romance and nonchalance. It shows that you consider life an adventure, a life in which you are a free spirit. These aspects are carefully reflected in their collection of jewelry and accessories.

The Boho Babe webshop mostly sells bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, necklaces, chokers and bags: everything you need for the perfect finishing touch of your boho look. Be inspired by all the beauty that different cultures have to offer. For example, they offer handmade silver boho jewelry that has been collected in Morocco and southern Europe, silver Balinese rings, the 1001-night jewelry from Shabada as well as the pretty bohemian bags of Bahja the Label. And there is more, just check it out! They offer a huge variety of jewelry, accessories and lifestyle items that we absolutely love.

More than a webshop: it’s where boho babes unite
Boho Babe is more than a bohemian webshop. It’s their dream to become a place where everything bohemian comes together. A place where laughter and tears are shared, a place that inspires to make your dreams come true, a place where you can be yourself, where you can read stories about travel, freedom and sustainability on their blog. A place where you are able to pamper yourself or a loved one with a special item they’ve collected just for you from a faraway country.

Boho Babe wants to inspire women to take good care of themselves and escape from the daily grind – connected by a laugh, a ring, a tear and a bag. We’re all boho babes!

The story behind 
The radiant face behind Boho Babe is the Dutch free spirit Mirjam, bohemian and treasure seeker in heart and soul. Positive, humorous, enthusiastic, perfectionist, impatient, spontaneous, a social connector: that’s Mirjam. She loves palm trees, the unknown bays and sunsets on bohemian island of Ibiza, strolling in exotic souks, the smell of lavender and getting lost in the Sahara. BohoBabe was created by her passion for traveling, the beauty of handicrafts and the love for a bohemian lifestyle.

Mirjam followed an interesting path of life: from making wine in the Provence and running a restaurant to a creative job in the multinational business. Yet after an accident she finally decided to follow one of her favorite quotes: Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go. We all make detours, as long as we dare to embrace the adventure.

Mirjam has been collecting bohemian jewelry and accessories on her travels for years: jewelry and Mirjam are intertwined, are one. This started at a young age: as a little girl she already marveled at the shops packed with handmade filigrain silverware in Hvar and since she started traveling herself, she always gives herself a jewelry gift to remind her of that journey. As of today this is still a tradition. In 2011, she bought a handmade silver snake ring in a small studio in Lisbon. An idea was planted… A snake represents transformation and years later, Liberation Day 2016, it turned out to be the beginning of a new journey: The ring never got off her finger again. Marrakech has also been been an important place for Mirjam, it’s the place that makes her feel alive.

Where it all started, the story continues: last year she came back to the studio in Lisbon to collect those snake rings – with the hope that they will inspire other boho babes too!

Beautiful, handmade and sustainable bohemian items with a story, a fast delivery and personal service: that is Boho Babe!

Founder & Boho Wanderer - The Boho Guide
Laura is a storyteller, passionate earthling, travel writer & free spirit. She is founder of The Boho Guide and travel blog What About Her, fascinated by mountains and always on the road for adventure. She loves wildlife, forests, dresses, tattoos, wine and everything bohemian. Find her where the wild things are…
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