ZEN Caravan retreat

Traveling yoga studio organizing mini ZEN retreat camps in the Netherlands
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“We will join a ZEN Caravan retreat this summer and we can’t wait! This summer, zen couple Eddie & Joy organize all-in mini yoga retreats at unique campsites in the Netherlands. The retreats are about being one with nature again, being one with yourself and keeping it simple. Sounds perfect!”

ZEN Caravan retreats
Go on a magical mini yoga retreat in nature! Life can seem like a repetitive cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. The daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. They wanted to create something for ourselves and others to get out of that cycle. They want to take people back to a simpler form of living. The pureness of camping in nature, without that secure and controlled environment of your house. Experience living outside, doing yoga outside and enjoy the magic of camping with the ZEN Caravan: the time has come to re-unite yourself with nature again. Being outside in nature with the ZEN Caravan is a perfect opportunity to do this!

A laid-back ZEN Caravan retreat will take you out of your home and into nature. A weekend consists of yoga, sound experiences, meditation, walks and plenty of time for adventure, self-examination and being yourself. These mini holidays take place on unique campsites in the middle of beautiful Dutch nature and with like-minded people. Eddie & Joy park their ZEN Caravan at different campsites this summer – you can park your own caravan, camper or tent on the special ZEN caravan area and join the retreat! If you participate in a retreat, there is also the possibility to rent a tent. One thing is for sure: you will stay at some of the most amazing camping sites of The Netherlands. Staying in a tent, waking up by the light of the morning sun shining through the tent and stepping directly into nature… We know what we’ll be doing this summer!

Eddie & Joy’s story
Eddie & Joy move through life based on their passion for music and yoga. This couple breathes movement and good vibrations. The idea for the ZEN Caravan originated in the Covid-19 era. Over the past year, the concept of home-cocooning has become even greater. It’s easy to repeat the circle of getting up, eating, working, eating, sleeping. According to Eddie &Joy, it’s time to go outside more, get more inspiration, feel free, move and realize a change in your own life!

Joy is a yoga teacher and singer, Eddie a musician and meditation teacher. Eddie & Joy used this quiet Covid-19 time to step out of the daily grind. In the summer of 2020, they bought an old caravan, let their creative energy flow and transformed it into the turquoise & pink hippie ZEN Caravan. It was a creative outlet for them. At a time when rules were mainly imposed, these two proceeded freely and positively and they came up with this concept. ZEN Caravan provides a place for a community to come together and have a place to return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and sharing a journey with other like-minded individuals. Inspiring!

Retreat dates and campsites
Camping Buitenland April 16-18
Ecostay de Wildernis May 7-9
Camping Noorderloo 18-20 June
Glamping East Nomads 2-4 July
Camping Het Bos Roept 16-18 July

We will be joining a retreat ourselves too and we literally can’t wait!

Drop-in classes and camping vibes
If you can’t participate in a full ZEN Caravan retreat but want to experience the ZEN vibes, join one of the drop-in classes organized by ZEN Caravanners! Check their website for drop-in lessons.

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