Country Life

'Pay by weight' vegetarian restaurant in the middle of Prague
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“Nothing feels as bad as having more food on my plate then I can eat. Whatever gets wasted and is not eaten by someone else hurts. This restaurant in Prague has the best solution!”

Right in the middle of Prague you find Country Life, an organic, vega(n) restaurant. It is a buffet style restaurant where you pay by weight, located in a beautiful building. From a decorating point of view there could be some improvements on the interior, but considering what you pay for your lunch/early dinner, it is still great value for money. And the concept is a true boho one!

You pay what you put on your plate. They weigh your plate at the end so you can decide yourself how much you want to eat and what you are willing to pay for a meal. I had a great vegetarian lasagna. Honest food for a good price. I love the fact that there isn’t any wasting of food. I wish all restaurants would let you decide about your portion size!

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