Fairy Pools

A fairy tale come true in Scotland
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“During the beautiful autumn colours, the Isle of Skye looks even more mesmerizing than I’d imagined. The Fairy Pools are no exception. In fact, the beautiful colours are so overwhelming I still can’t believe this place exists.”

As the name suggests, these turquoise pools do look like they come straight from a fairy tale. With majestic mountains as a background it might also look like a scene from a fantasy novel. Maybe J.R.R. Tolkien found his inspiration here? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did! It sure sparks your imagination.

Located on the Isle Of Skye in Scotland this place is easier to reach than you might think. Skye is easily reached by car, bus and ferry. Although public transport on the island is not that great, you can still book several independent tours that will take you to all the beautiful spots. Including this one of course!

A walk to the pools will take about 45 minutes, but that is without stopping and taking tons of pictures. I suggest to take a bit more time and if you can to take a few hours to explore the path beyond the pools. This truly is a place you want to wander around for as long as you can, just to soak up all that magic that’s in the air.

If you’re a daredevil you can also bring your swimsuit. Be warned though, the pools are freezing cold. Even in summer!

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