Old Man Of Storr

Mystical formation of rocks in Scotland
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“When you look up the Isle Of Skye online, you’ll always find yourself looking at a dramatic picture of a tall, skinny rock rising up against the sky. This particular rock is called the Old Man Of Storr and is part of a formation of mesmerizing rocks. Storr is a word of Norse origin and means ‘great man’. The Storr is definitely impressive – the name is not given lightly! It really has some magical vibes hanging in the air, something very old. No wonder it is used for a background for several science fiction movies, it really is out of this world.”

On a clear day you can even see the rocks from Portree, the biggest village in the Isle of Skye. It’s just a 7km ride from Portree and therefore very easy to reach. You can either rent a car, go by a tourist tour or go by a local bus like I did. There’s a car park and bus stop at the foot of the hill.

The walk up to the rocks is doable as well, no need to be a trained hiker. However, the first part is quite steep so be prepared. As this is Scotland, the weather can be ever-changing and quite crazy. Be sure to wear sturdy boots, maybe a raincoat and definitely be careful as the winds can be really strong. The hike will take at least 1,5 to 2 hours to the top. I didn’t have time for that as I had to take the one and only bus back. If you do have the option to stay a bit longer than definitely go up to the top to get that epic view you’ll see on the internet. I’m already jealous! However, this place is very impressive and stunning either way. When you’re on Skye you just have to see this for yourself.

From Portree take local bus 57 to the Old Man Of Storr Car Park. Please note that it might only drive once in low season. 

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