Crystal Castle

Relaxing nature spot in Byron Shire, Australia
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“I need some air and time alone. I’m longing for silence which I immediately get when I arrive at the Crystal Castle gardens. Within an instant I feel relaxt and at ease at this unique place.”

The Crystal Castle in Australia (New South Wales) is a magical place of giant crystals, sacred statues, stunning rainforest & gardens, unique jewelry and fresh food. Once you paid the entrance fee you can join meditation classes and other courses for free. You can walk along the beautiful gardens, sit on benches just relaxing your mind and find the most impressing stairway between giant bamboo.

Enrich your spirit and visit the Crystal Castle!

Photo credits partly: Crystal Castle Facebook page

Sandra her favourite things are hitchhiking and roadtrips. After living for two years in Australia she is now living in New Zealand, telling stories on Where Will She Go. With a mind that never stands still and a heart that is always overflowing she enjoys moments of serenity while traveling. Meditation retreats, yoga courses or spending nights in the quiet desert are no stranger to her. For the Boho Guide she will share all her favourite spots that makes her heart beat faster and her eyes sparkle.
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