Tintswalo Atlantic

Unique seafront lodge in Cape Town
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“Craving some luxury after staying in the bush? I found Cape Town’s hidden gem called Tintswalo Atlantic. I fell in love with this 5 star, award-winning boutique lodge nestled at the base of the ocean-facing Table Mountain National Park. It is so lovely to listen to the waves washing you into a deep sleep.”

Sitting at the foot of Chapman’s Peak, the lodge is perched on a pebbled beach and enjoys panoramic views of the picturesque Hout Bay harbour, the dramatic Sentinel mountain peak, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. I was mesmerized by this location and the place itself. It is such a beautiful place! I can’t imagine being so close to central Cape Town, it feels like I’m in the middle of nature, all by myself. It is just a short scenic drive from the City of Cape Town. The place is lodged between the looming Chapman’s Peak mountainside (please so this drive, it is stunning!) and the Atlantic Ocean. I fell in love with the dramatic backdrop.

The lapping sea is so close to the rooms that it sometimes feels as though the ocean itself is rocking my bed, and I drift off into a happy slumber. What is even more remarkable, if you lie awake and imagine it, is the hidden world of animals living beneath the waves just meters away! As the tide rises with the crash of each wave, fresh nutrients are drawn up from the deep, feeding a multitude of animals—from the tiny colourful fish, crabs and anemones along the shore, to the largest whales that swim into the bay to breed.

Each of their suites have a unique design and island theme – paying tribute to the beauty of nature and the rich heritage of their surroundings. I’ve stayed in the Saint Marie Island suite and it was so romantic. Il-Sainte Marie is a beautiful island off the coast of Madagascar. The island suite enjoys a unique, subtle colour pallet, in keeping with the serene, little-known Madagascar destination. Striking in its inspired use of glass and light, this is the most feminine suite of the Tintswalo Atlantic collection. The room has a balcony with views of Hout Bay and the Atlantic ocean, access to the heated swimming pool, a large king bed, a luxury bath tub and shower, a wood stove, a seating area and all amenities you need!

Tintswalo Atlantic offers a spa service as well: the opportunity to relax and be pampered from the comfort of your suite with only the sounds and smells of the ocean. You will definitely leave this place rejuvenated and peaceful! Oh and food was amazing. No words. The Tintswalo Atlantic dining room provides a picturesque, cosy setting to enjoy beautifully-presented and delicious cuisine. I’ve had some truly memorable meals from fresh, locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. The lodge dining room leads out onto an expansive wooden deck, and enjoys sublime ocean views and fresh sea air. Inside, the open-plan kitchen layout offers interactive cooking opportunities to guests who might enjoy sipping a glass of wine while watching the chef prepare meals!

A luxurious bohemian gem indeed.

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