Tembe Safari Lodge

South African game lodge in the middle of unspoiled bush near Durban
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“There is a place in Africa where the wild elephants still roam, called Tembe Safari Lodge. Tembe Elephant Park is a 300 square kilometre reserve between Zululand and Mozambique, home to Africa’s largest elephants as well as the smallest antelope, the suni.”

The Big Five also find their home here, the lion, leopard, black and white rhino and buffalo, as well as more than 340 bird species and myriad other animals and plants. It is a world silence, only the rising and setting of the sun marks the passage of time here. It is also the ancestral home of the Tembe people, who co-own and manage Tembe Safari Lodge. A place of warm African hospitality, where you will find the Africa of story and legend, of adventure and myth. Yes, South Africa is my most favourite country in the world.

Tembe Safari Lodge is unique; it is the only community owned full service game lodge inside a proclaimed game reserve. In Tembe terms, this means that the lodge is right in the middle of unspoiled bush, with the trees and grasses of old Africa nestling right up against your tent. Accommodation is simple and pure and you can have an open-air hot shower under the stars while hearing animals crash through the brush a few metres away from you (although not to worry, there is an electric fence to make sure they don’t get TOO close).

Small animals and birds wander through the camp grounds, while monkeys and birds chitter overhead. A small troop of meerkats might come foraging past your feet while you enjoy your morning coffee. While taking a dip in the swimming pool you might see a graceful giraffe go undulating past. This is the secret of Tembe, the lodge is so much part of the reserve that the animals hardly know it is there. While the lodge includes full service and game drives, sometimes it is just an experience to stay in this camp and let Africa come to you!

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