Bicycle tour Ontdek Buenos Aires

Tour that takes you to Buenos Aires' most vibrant places
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‘When coming to Buenos Aires in Argentina, I felt a bit lost…Such a big city and so many things to do! Luckily the people of Ontdek Buenos Aires are so nice and welcoming, they helped me discovering this fascinating place.’

The company Ontdek Buenos Aires is a group of Dutchies that moved to Buenos Aires many years ago. Each person has their own personal story of why they decided to come here, but they all have one thing in common: they absolutely LOVE this city. They offer many different tours in the city, like street art-, classic Buenos Aires cafe-, and insiders tours. As a real Dutchie I love to discover new places by bicycle so I decided to join them for a Sunday afternoon bicycle trip!

On this trip you get the hang of the city quite fast. Within 4 hours you cross different neighborhoods, all at a relaxed pace and with many stops to catch a breath and enjoy the views. The tour guides tell you passionately about the history of Buenos Aires and the daily life of the Argentinian people.

The bicycle tour takes you to one of the most vibrant quarters in the city: La Boca. When coming to Buenos Aires, a visit to La Boca should be on every boho wanderers’ list. It is a lively area with lots of things to see and do.

In La Boca you can stroll through Caminito (which means little walkway), a street museum with cobblestone streets filled with colourful houses. Peddlers are selling their art, buskers are playing music and stalls offer a variety of souvenirs. Best of all? Talented tango dancers fill the streets with their fierce moves. It is a top spot to taste the Argentinian culture and it will get you infected with the South American energy!

Next to La Boca you will visit the famous Plaza de Mayo, the oldest and one of the most characteristic areas of the city called San Telmo and Puerto Madero.

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