SUP Skool Leeuwarden

Explore the city of Leeuwarden on a surfboard
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“I had so much fun. SUP boarding is a great activity and a charming way to explore the city of Leeuwarden from the water!”

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddling, which means instead of using the waves or the wind to move forward, you use a paddle. The great thing about SUP-boarding is that the sea is not the only place for it. A lake, a pool, a river and in our case: the canals of Leeuwarden, a charming city in the north of The Netherlands.

Our tour guide leads us right through the city centre of Leeuwarden along shops and terraces filled with people. For some people it might have been a strange sight: this small group of people paddling through the canals, next to all the boats. I bet that some people in the crowd where hoping to see us fall into the water but too bad for them, none of us fell of their board. SUP boarding is pretty easy, so don’t be scared of failing. You’ll get the hang of it really quick if you stay calm and confident!

SUP school Leeuwarden offers guided tours, but you can also explore the waters on your own! Next to the regular SUP classes, they also organise SUP yoga classes: practice yoga ON your SUP board! (For more events or special classes check our their event calendar.) Stand Up Paddling is a relaxing activity in the outdoors, a good way to have fun on the water and also a full body workout (without it feeling like a workout).

Pictures are taken by SUP Skool Leeuwarden.

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