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Sustainable outdoor & camp gear in New York
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“I spent hours in the United By Blue shop in New York, searching for the best outdoor presents, the most beautiful sustainable clothing and the ultimate must have responsible camp gear. It’s my favorite shop of all times.”

United by Blue believes that products designed for enjoying the outdoors should also be kind to the outdoors. They put a lot of thought into the materials that make up each piece and always opt for textiles that keep our oceans, air and soil a little cleaner.

Whether you take their backpack camping or on the subway, or wear their flannel for fly fishing or bar hopping, always believe that we’re all united by the blue of our world’s oceans and waterways.

Their shop in New York is situated in Nolita, one of the best areas to find hidden gems and beautiful items in NYC. United by Blue sells the most beautiful items, from clothing to beautiful camping gear, backpacks, watches and candles. I bought so many things that my luggage was too heavy when flying back to the Netherlands.

Yes, a successful outdoor brand can do serious conservation work! Everyone at United By Blue is rolling up their sleeves and removing plastic bottles, styrofoam, tires, old appliances, you name it from creeks, rivers, beaches, and streams. They organize and host cleanups to make a measurable impact on the most pressing of environmental problems: ocean trash and plastics pollution.

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