The Boho Guide


Why boho? Well, firstly, it’s because we’re all about bohemian escapes, a wink to the wild child who fancies a bohemian lifestyle, feels by the moon and lives by the sun, who loves nature, cats, patterns, vintage, indoor jungles, colorful hammocks and bonfires to sing along with that bearded guitar dude. It’s that boho place that gives them inspiration, that makes them want to write books and dance barefoot and travel the world.

Bohemians are a laid-back bunch, with a distinct sense of style. Although it embraces a sense of flowing liberty in interior and clothing choices, a bohemian style is more than that. It’s a feeling, a way of life picturing mostly nomadic travelers, hippies, artists, gypsies and other free spirits. It’s you. We bet you all have something boho inside of you.

The boho style is as diverse as the individuals themselves, and so is The Boho Guide.


There are some wonderful places to stay, eat and shop out there – provided you know where to find them. Our travel guide takes you on a personal tour of the most beautiful boho places in destinations around the world, meeting all budgets. We share the most inspiring accommodation, where to head for the tastiest dinner in a bohemian atmosphere, and we signpost you towards the best shops that sell beautiful boho stuff.

Every hotspot has been visited and reviewed by one of our boho wanderers who travel the world on a daily basis, and each wanderer tells their own first-person tale using personal photo’s and useful information. We seek places that have the boho vibe and, crucially, are memorable for all the right reasons – wether they are a five dollar bamboo hut, a luxurious designed eco-lodge or that unknown local bistro around the corner. We are the first community that offers an ultimate personal and honest guide of boho-ness, from one free spirit to another.

This guide consists only of handpicked places that touch us, inspire us and hopefully will take you to another world too.

Love and bon voyage,
The Boho Wanderers

The Boho Guide is an initiative of What About Her.